New York Small Claims are for lawsuits for damages of up to $5,000.  Although Small Claims courts seem informal, the court is required to apply the New York Civil Law and Rules to the facts of your case to determine a judgment.  A New York Small Claims Court attorney can use their understanding of the law and procedure to assist both claimants and defendants.

New York Small Claims Attorney

An attorney from our office is a sworn small claims court arbitrator who decides small claims cases.  Although our attorney cannot arbitrate cases for clients who have retained us, our small claims court attorneys can use the knowledge and experience as an arbitrator to represent you on your case.

Who Can File?

Our attorneys can help you determine if you are eligible to file a claim in small claims court, and the appropriate court in which to file.  In addition, our Car accident lawyers can clearly explain now to serve process on the opposing party and the court room procedure the date of your trial or arbitration.

Default Judgment

Our attorneys can advise you on reopening a case in which a default judgment was entered because you failed to appear in court.  We are experienced in filing the appropriate paper work and making the appearances necessary to argue to the court the judgment should be set aside due to an “excusable default.”

New York Small Claims Locations

There are six New York City Small Claims Court locations: New York County, Bronx County, Kings County, Queens County, Richmond County, Harlem Community Justice Center.  Our New York small claims courts lawyers can represent clients in each of these locations.

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