Before, during, and after a personal injury lawsuit, many questions are raised needing detailed answers. Some of these are created simply because so few people ever actually go through a personal injury lawsuit and the legal process can be very overwhelming. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and some simple answers from Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

Do I have to go to court?

No, not necessarily. Many times in a¬†personal injury lawsuit¬†the case is settled out of court between the attorneys. Sometimes these settlements take place before the case is even filed in court eliminating the time it will take to have a trial, reducing attorney’s fees, and enabling both parties to get on with their lives without fear of future reprisal.

What are punitive damages and how are they different from compensatory damages?

Punitive damages exist to punish a party for damages usually in cases of willful misconduct or malicious misconduct. A good example of this would be a driver of a car that has no regard for others and causes an accident. Punitive damages are awarded alongside compensatory damages almost as a form of punishment. The terms compensatory damages and actual damages are interchangeable. These are based on what reasonable compensation should be awarded for the exact damage that occurred; such as dental repair for a broken tooth, or the cost to have a car repaired.

What should I take to my attorney’s when I first meet with them?

There are many things you should take with you for your first appointment. Some of these will be bills for repairs or medical treatment following a car accident, police reports, any insurance information from the person responsible that you may have, witness statements, and photographs. These are among the first of the items you should take with you. Your Stuart personal injury lawyer may ask for additional information or items to assist with your case. If you do not have them, they can usually find them through their own investigation techniques. While there are many other questions that will arise during the course of your personal injury lawsuit, remember that your lawyer not only is preparing your case, but is also there to answer any questions you may have.

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