What is a summons for marijuana possession?

Generally, a pink summons for marijuana possession means that you must appear in court to hear the charges against you and enter a plea to those charges.

Is marijuana or marijuana possession a felony, a misdemeanor or violation?

In New York, marijuana possession can be charged as either 1. felony; 2. misdemeanor; 3. violation.  Jail can be  potentially imposed for all three levels of marijuana possession.

What are the consequences of marijuana possession?

No two cases are exactly alike.  The likely outcome and consequences will depend on the facts and circumstances of your particular case.  An experienced marijuana possession attorney can educate you to your rights and thoroughly explain the possible outcomes given your particular situation.

Why hire an attorney?

Marijuana possession is a drug charge which means it can potentially have serious consequences pertaining to your employment or even your immigration status.  The criminal court system can be confusing and an attorney can assist you in navigating through the system. Click here for experienced lawyer.

1. An attorney can explain the charges you are facing and possible sentences.  In addition, an experienced marijuana lawyer can explain what needs to be proved by the prosecutor in order to be convicted.

2. Generally, the District Attorney will not answer calls or discuss the case with a defendant.  They will only discuss the case with an attorney.  A New York marijuana possession attorney can assist you in negotiating with the prosecutor to secure the best possible negotiated plea.

3.  An experienced attorney from Gabriel Law Team is familiar with the criminal law and procedure allowing them to help you build a case in the event that you choose to take your case to trial.

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