Owning and renting property in New York City can sometimes be frustrating, confusing and can lead to disputes. New York City Residential Landlords are subject to numerous provisions which are favorable to tenants and which can subject landlords to fines imposed against them in favor of the tenant and which may even require that they pay the prevailing tenant’s attorney fees and court costs as well.  Whether you are a landlord or a tenant in the New York City area, our Brooklyn Landlord-Tenant Attorneys can help you make an informed decision on the next step or aide you in coming to the best the best solution possible.

How a Brooklyn housing attorney help you with your landlord or tenant dispute?

attorneys can work with you in a wide variety of disputes including but not limited to large commercial evictions, non-payment cases, hold-over tenants, wrongful evictions and lock-outs, and even security deposit recovery.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, the issue at hand and the amount of money involved, your Brooklyn landlord-tenant lawyer can be an effective negotiator or if need be will advocate for you in the court room.

Additionally, there are intricacies, regulations and complicated paperwork that may be involved in your landlord-tenant case. Your Brooklyn attorney will ensure that all regulations are complied with and can explain to you any of the complexities that may arise surrounding your case.


Being kicked out of your home or having to reclaim possession of someone’s existing home can be a long process fraught with emotion.

Evictions, if executed improperly, could result in an expensive lawsuit, unwanted publicity and even an inquiry into your property by the State of New York. Our Brooklyn landlord attorneys can help you understand what landlords can do, when he or she can do it, and what procedures must be followed is essential. Our Brooklyn Landlord attorneys represent both commercial and residential landlords. Likewise, if you are being evicted, hiring an experienced Brooklyn tenant attorney may help you remain in your home or your place of business.

How can a Brooklyn landlord-tenant attorney help prevent future litigation?

As New York City continues to grow and evolve in this tense economic climate, the link between landlord and tenant becomes more complex. An experienced Brooklyn landlord-tenant attorney from our office can help you prepare for the legal issues that may arise by drafting a comprehensive and effective rental agreement. The rental agreement binds you to the other party and can have lasting consequences even after the agreement has expired.  A skilled Brooklyn landlord-tenant attorney can help reduce frustration and bring stability to an often tense relationship between landlord and tenant.

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