There’s an old saying that people don’t like attorneys until they need one. This might be especially true in the field of personal injury. If you’ve been injured it makes sense to have the best personal injury attorney in Manchester, NH especially when seeking compensation from an insurance company.

The first question an injured party should address is: do they need a personal injury lawyer? Legally defined, personal injury is injury to one’s body, mind or emotions. It also refers to any accident that causes physical and/or emotional injury or damage to one’s property. So whether it’s “only” bruises, a very serious injury or something in between (broken bones, for example), a personal injury lawyer is the injured party’s best, if not only way, to protect themselves. An effective lawyer utilizes the myriad of resources at their disposal, including a qualified support staff, experts in the medical field and investigators who can get all the facts of the personal injury case to prove their claim.

The next question, naturally, is: from whom does the injured party need to protect themselves? Answer: first and foremost, the insurance company, who will provide a legal defense for the party responsible for the injury. The insurance company has one goal only: to make sure the injured party receives as little compensation as possible (nothing, ideally), for their injuries. They will try to convince a judge, a jury or even the injured party themselves that the party alleged to be responsible for the injury is not or is only partly responsible. Often this means they will try and assign some degree of blame to the injured party. This is known in legal parlance as contributory negligence.

If you’re injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, you’ll want justice. In personal injury cases, this almost always translates into compensation for damages incurred. These include medical care and related expenses; permanent physical disability or disfigurement; lost wages; emotional and/or psychological damages and/or damaged property. An experienced attorney can best maximize the damages an injured party receives from an insurance company. These companies often have “deep pockets” so they’ll try to obtain a settlement in order to avoid the costs and risks of a trial. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help an injured party decide whether a settlement is in their best interest, or if a trial might better suit the ends they seek.

By taking a look at the complete situation, identifying the major complaint of the plaintiff, and reviewing all the cases details as deeply as possible, your personal injury lawyer can build the strongest case possible. In so doing, they will be able to defend their client(s) against the insurance company they are fighting and get them the compensation they deserve.

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