If you are appearing in Family Court, an experienced New York family law attorney can make a difference in your case.   Our New York divorce and family lawyers will advocate for you,  guide you through the Family Court process, and  explain the law to you every step of the way.  Our licensed New York City Divorce/Family attorneys  provide representation and consultation at very affordable, fixed rates, on a rush or routine basis, and offer FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS, so you can discuss your rights and options and begin to get the help you need as soon as possible. You can also Click here to contact us.


Generally, New York Family Courts seek to give both parents input with respect to  raising their children.  If both parents cannot reach an agreement on what is best for the child, a judge will have to decide the matter.  If you are seeking an initial order of custody, have an order of custody but are having issues with the child’s other parent, or need help determining what form of custody is right for your particular situation, a New York custody attorney can assist you in getting the best possible outcome.


Visitation enables the non-custodial parent to spend time with the child, often referred to as “parenting time.”  Often times non-custodial parents want more time with their child(ren) than a few hours on weekends or holidays.  New York family Courts generally encourage liberal access for parents, unless there are specific issues or problems.  Our New York City visitation lawyers work to obtain significant and fair parenting time for non-custodial parents, that reflects not only their desire to see their child as much as possible, but which also addresses other issues important to parents such as telephone and web cam access, transfers, etc.


As we are a mobile society, how parental moves are handled has become an important part of Family Law practice. Where the custodial parent wants to move out of the jurisdiction with a child, and the child’s other parent objects, the custodial parent will need Court permission to do so. Courts consider various factors in deciding relocation cases.  Family law cases can be very sensitive, and difficult to resolve, and our family law attorneys strive to help you do so as calmly and fairly as possible.  A New York family law attorney can help you present your case to the court and make the best possible argument for having your request or objection for relocation considered.


Parents must support their children until such children are 21. Our New York child support attorneys help custodial parents obtain initial orders of support, and non-custodial parents ensure that whatever order is entered fairly reflects their ability to pay.  Our New York Child Support lawyers also assist parents in obtaining upward and downward modifications, and help them enforce orders they already have.


Our family law firm also handles other Family Law matters, including cases involving domestic violence, paternity, and spousal support.

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