Estate planning is a highly specialized area of law and our New York estate planning lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge to take care of your estate planning needs. Most people who are developing an estate plan don’t know the detailed ins and outs of the tax code. Our New York estate planning attorney practitioners are very experienced with tax issues and know how to structure wills and trusts for your particular needs.

Having a New York estate planning attorney prepare your will and or trust allows you to determine who receives your property when you pass away. Many factors enter into how an estate plan is structured including the existence of insurance and retirement plans. In addition, the needs of minor children will be a significant consideration.

In addition, Michigan land use lawyers can revise your estate plan in light of life changing events such as divorce, adoptions, or death of a beneficiary. It is important to have legal assistance when dealing with New York estate planning because gift taxes and income taxes can be very confusing. Having competent New York estate planning attorneys who understand the tax ramifications is absolutely necessary in maximizing the value of your estate for your heirs.

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