If someone owes you money and you are finding it hard to collect, a Brooklyn attorney can assist you or your small business with debt collection.  A strongly worded demand letter from a Brooklyn lawyer lets your debtor know you are serious about collecting money owed to you.  Often times the debtor is compelled to pay what is rightfully yours once they receive a well drafted demand letter.  Where the debtor is does not respond in a way that is satisfactory to you, we can help you aggressively pursue your claim in court.

Demand Letter

We can help send your debtor a series of demand letters emphasizing that if they do not respond in a manner acceptable to you, you will pursue all means of recovering amounts owed.  These letters are sent on law firm letter head and signed by attorney. The demand letters put the debtor on notice that you have hired an attorney and will pursue the matter with vigor. In addition, should you go to court the letters serve as evidence that you made adequate and reasonable efforts to collect the debt without going to court.


Our Brooklyn lawyers can help you win a judgment against the debtor in court.  Our Brooklyn lawyers are building the best case possible while simultaneously attempting to collect the debt outside of court.   The court ordered judgment will require the debtor pay you the amount stipulated in the judgment. Once you win a judgment, a bankruptcy attorney can garnish wages, levy bank accounts, put a lien on property, and collect through business receipts (i.e. have the Sheriff take money out of your cash register).

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