When a client is charged with a crime we believe it is important that your criminal defense attorney to get started right away.  Many other attorneys passively wait to see the District Attorney’s approach, what the judge  will  say, what evidence there is against their client, or wait for the first court date which may be far away.  Conversely, as New York criminal defense attorneys we strongly believe we should begin working to defend you right away. Click here for more information about us.

Explaining the Process and Charges

First we believe it is important to sit down with our client to explain the charges against them.  We break down the charges to ensure that clients understand exactly what they are being charged with, the elements that need to be proved to be convicted of each charge, and the minimum and maximum sentence of each charge. Additionally, we provide our clients with a “road map” of what to expect in the coming weeks or months whatever the case may be. Together you and your criminal defense attorney from Aronlawfirm.com will discuss and put together a plan for your case.

Advocating for You

Most importantly we take the time to listen to our clients.  Although legal aid or the public defender are well intentioned and good attorneys they often cannot dedicate the time that a private attorney can dedicate to you and your case.  By listening closely to our clients we are able to fight for them and present their case to the district attorney, judge, and if need be, the jury.

Our criminal defense attorneys service Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Stanton Island, and Yonkers.

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