There is a statute of limitations that governs how long an injured party may file a personal injury claim after an accident. The attorney will know what this constraint is for your cause of action and will fight for your right to compensation within this time limit.

Many attorneys will handle personal injury claims for a percentage of the compensation settlement, which means that the client will only pay for incidental expenses the attorney incurs during the settlement process. If there is no settlement, or agreement to compensate you for your injury from the other party, the attorney is not entitled to any fees. The attorney will advise you of the probability of a successful claim after hearing you describe the event and after preliminary investigation of the circumstances of the accident.

After establishing the facts of the incident, Injury law firm – Rizk Law can estimate what you can expect to receive as a settlement. How much compensation you can expect is determined on what a jury might award you if your claim went to court with a jury trial. Each state has a Jury Verdict Reporter that lists jury findings and awards for personal injury matters. The attorney will research your specific claim in light of the facts of your accident and negotiate a settlement with the other party that meets these guidelines for your accident and injury.

Juries have determined monetary compensation in whiplash claims, road traffic accidents, work accidents, medical negligence claims, or injuries resulting from product failure or malfunction. A personal injury attorney can represent you in navigating the laws and jury verdict information to ensure you receive a just and equitable monetary recovery for your accident or injury.

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