As Brooklyn lawyers, we provide clients with competent cost efficient legal advice for life’s and business’s most pressing legal issues.  Clients have come to rely on our  for guidance in business, art law, bankruptcy, as well as other legal concerns. We serve clients throughout New York and Brooklyn.

As Brooklyn attorneys we work hard to understand our client’s circumstances.  Often times the law can be confusing and complex for those not trained in the law.  We then find legal solutions for our clients by using our dedication and legal knowledge to help them understand their legal issues.  Our Brooklyn attorneys use their experience to aggressive protect you and your rights.

attorneys have built their reputation for competent legal services as well as compassion and understand for their clients.  Our attorneys have graduated from top ranked law schools and have experience at some of New York’s most respected law firms.

As a full service Dalli Marino New York nursing home abuse lawyers we can assist clients with most of their legal needs.  We have a commitment to advocating for our clients.  In addition, in order to make competent legal advice available, we offer no obligation consultations.

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