The following article contains information regarding answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about automobile accident lawsuits. The article provides answers to numerous popular questions that individuals have when they become involved in an automobile accident lawsuit.

Q: Should I consult my attorney before I begin cooperating and answering questions for the other parties’ insurance company?

A: In the event that an accident occurs, it is suggested that before you begin answering questions regarding the incident that you should consult with your own insurance company. If the other party’s or parties’ insurance company wants you to answer questions, ask if the statements can be used in the courtroom, whether your insurance company can record a statement from their insured driver, why the insurance agency needs the statement, why they can’t use the statements from the police report, among other questions.

Q: Do I need an attorney after a car accident?

Q: What kind of an attorney should I hire for my automobile accident lawsuit?

A: You will want to hire an attorney from that specializes in automobile accidents and insurance lawsuits.

Q: When should I hire an attorney?

A: It will become necessary for you to at least consult with an attorney when it is unclear who was at fault, you are unsure how to evaluate your claim, you are prompted to provide medical records from before the accident, you are not satisfied with a suggested settlement, when you are offered a structured settlement instead of a lump sum, or when you need to claim lost wages that may be difficult to prove on your own.

Q: What if my attorney wants to settle and I want to proceed to court, or vise versa?

A: If a situation should arise where your attorney would like to proceed in one direction and you would prefer to proceed in the opposite direction, you should have a sit down talk with your attorney. Voice your opinion about the situation and why you would like to proceed that way, and then take the time to listen to your attorney and their reasons for wanting to proceed in the opposite manor.

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