Much more accidents occur at the job than almost everywhere else.  As a matter of fact, almost half of all of the accidents appear in the workplace but it can be tough for employees to bring accident compensation claims if injuries are actually suffered.  Many of the workers are scared of the possible consequences if they take the company or their employer that they’re working for to court.  Usually, these fears are groundless as all employers are required by law to get Employer’s Liability Insurance, that would cover them if the employee is injured in the workplace and accident compensation claims could be taken against employers who discriminate against workers simply because they are pursuing legitimate accident compensation claims for their injuries against the firm.

 There’s a strong crossover between liability in negligence, known by the lawyers as being a common law duty and duties which have been imposed by man made law to cover certain situations, particularly health and safety regulations.  There is usually a growing body of law which employers must comply or risk both criminal and civil prosecution.
Perhaps, the first sensible thing to do if you’re injured in an accident at work and are going to be off for a period of time is to make sure you get your statutory sick pay.  This is payable for up to 28 weeks.  If you are still off work after 6 months, you can make a claim for a long term invalidity of disablement benefit.  Check also any extra contractual payments that could be payable. 

Your accident needs to be noted in the firm’s accident record book, required by law if the firm has greater than 10 employees.  If there isn’t any record book, or nobody else made a note of the accident, then you must advise your employer in writing of the full circumstances of the accident and the injuries you have suffered.
If you wish to make accident compensation claims you will have to prove that your employer has caused the injury by his failure to take reasonable care to stop injury to you.  As his employee, there are various standards required in respect of sub contractor or visitors to premises.  This means he must provide a safety way to carry out your task, safe premises in which to work, appropriate materials and equipment, plus training and supervision in how to use them and proficient personnel.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or an accident at work, it’s worth finding out if the circumstances could entitle you to make accident compensation claims for your injury.  It is crucial to find the aid of a specialized oil field injury lawyer to make personal injury claim to evaluate and assess your case.

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